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Things to Understand About the W4 and W2 Forms

Irrespective of the business that you have, the tax forms are surely a part of the job, especially between the months of January and April. Many individuals usually confuse the tax forms W-2 and W-4 since they relate to one another and they also have the same names. One is used for reporting the tax situation of an employee. As a matter of fact, it is a common mistake in the payroll that there is incorrect reporting of holding on the W-4. You must know the difference of such two forms.

The IRS or the Internal Revenue Service must know what income the individuals are earning during the tax year. Moreover, it also requires to have money withheld for the employees’ paychecks to cover the end-of-year tax bill. The W4 and also the W2 forms are applicable to employees except for independent contractors. Those independent contractors actually file such taxes in a different manner.

Something to know about the W-4 form is that this is the tax form required by the employer upon hiring an individual. The employee should fill out that W-4 form unless they are making less than 800 dollars each year. Employers will be using such to compute for such federal income tax that should be reduced from the earnings of the employee. An employee must fill in based on the household earnings.

There can be various things that make up the total number of withholding options called allowance for the withholding taxes. Various things are actually taken into consideration such as the employment status, the marital status, the number of children or the number of dependents. If the financial status of the employee has changed, then one may update the W4 any time. Also, the employers are not actually asked to request for updates. When the employee is not very sure about how much pay one wants the employer to withhold, then one may refer to the IRS online withholding calculator.

You should understand that the W-2 form is the tax form which the employers would be issuing to workers at such end of the each year. The W-2 form would include the total amount of the salaries earned by the employee. This reflects as well the amount of the state and also the federal taxes which the government has actually withheld. This may also include the contributions made to the Social Security on that particular tax year.

After getting the W2 form from the employer, one should submit this information in April when one must pay the taxes with the form 1040. It is annually that the employers should provide the W2 form to their employees by January 31. The SSA must also receive the same copy by February 29.

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